• A Highway Cruise Cover
  • J.P. Reali
    A Highway Cruise

    This 2019 release features 5 new tunes from J.P. and bandmates Duke Levine, Kevin Barry, Jim Haggerty, Mark Teixeira, Tom West and Dennis Brennan. Produced by Duke Levine, and Chris Rival, available soon on CD Baby.

    1. My Baby Loves to Boogie
    2. The Ballad of a Burglar
    3. A Highway Cruise
    4. Blues For Casey
    5. Whiskey For Blood

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    My Baby Loves to Boogie Sample:

    The Ballad of a Burglar Sample:

    A Highway Cruise Sample:

    Blues For Casey Sample:

    Whiskey For Blood Sample:

  • The Road to Mississippi Cover
  • The Road To Mississippi
    J.P.'s 2012 studio release, this CD includes 10 original songs written by J.P., one by Chris Reali, and one they penned together. Produced by Pete Ragusa, with contributions from Pete on drums, John Previtti on upright bass and Mark Wenner on harp

    1. Jefferson Lament
    2. The Road to Mississippi
    3. My Soul or My Skin
    4. I Do My Share of Drinking
    5. Busted Boy Blues
    6. Dark, Strong, and Steaming
    7. Cold Steel Blues
    8. Biscuit Baking Mama
    9. The Book or the Bottle
    10. Bloozin' in NYC

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    Road To Mississippi Sample:

    My Soul or Skin Sample:

  • A Highway Cruise Cover
  • Bottle of Blooze
    This 2010 release features 11 original tunes, written by J.P. and two by Chris Reali. A modern take on pre-World War II Piedmont and Delta Blues traditions. J.P. on guitar, vocals and harmonica.

    1. Crazy 'bout a Barbeque
    2. I Can't Love You Like Your Mama
    3. The Wiggle Tight Rag
    4. Ode To A Caboose
    5. The Powder Blues
    6. Workin' In A Minefield Blues
    7. Struck By Lightnin'
    8. Blind Whiskey's Blues
    9. She Likes To Ride
    10. The Presidential Blues
    11. Sinner Man

    Crazy 'bout a Barbeque' Sample:

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